What Marketing Can Do For You

Parsh Jain
3 min readJul 30, 2020
Source: Unsplash

Do you know what your customers want? Do you think your customers trust your products? When was the last time you saw a customer writing a review about your product or service? Was it a complaint or compliment?

The answers you’re looking for lie in marketing.

. Marketing Is an Effective Way of Engaging Customers:

Engaging customers through marketing means leading with content, not products. You are essentially offering customers value in exchange for their attention. This is better than advertisements, which act as interruptions in our daily life because these engagements act as a way of forming real-life connections with potential customers.

. Marketing Helps to Build and Maintain the Company’s Reputation:

Nike initially relied on advertisements to promote its main message, ‘bringing out the athlete in you’. Recently, it has shifted towards personalized marketing which offers customers access to Nike+, an app which gives you tailored workout advice best suited towards your needs, this form of intimate marketing enhances your brand’s reputation in the eyes of the customer.

. Marketing Helps to Build a Relationship Between a Business and Its Customers:

The holy word that marketing gurus often use in relationship marketing is emotions. For any kind of happy, healthy mutually beneficial relationship, the secret lies in positive human emotions. A personable relationship with your client is highly recommended by marketing experts as it stimulates an emotional response which often leads to impulsive purchases.

. Marketing Helps to Boosts Sales:

This point is a classic example of a Catch-22, you invest money in your marketing campaign for more clients and more business but if that doesn’t work and your money finishes then you aren’t able to move ahead with the marketing budget. However, there are several ways by which we can do more marketing on a shoestring budget. Social media is the most primed asset of a low budget marketing department, there is always a new fad which you can take part in. SEO or search engine optimization is another part of online marketing on low costs, with the right keywords and some good content, the sky’s the limit for your product or service.